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We're nervous about this one...(and some good news too!)

Wind Forecast: Hurricane Ike
(The circles represent where we live and where most of our friends and family live)

Well friends, this hurricane has everyone around here in Houston and the surrounding area very nervous. Here's a quote from our local weather forecaster's blog, highlighting what we might have in store for our area in north Houston (marked with the arrow above):

"Sustained winds 75-100 mph, 5-10" rain with flooding in poor drainage areas,
isolated tornadoes."

Yikes, Ike, is this really necessary..?? We are doing our best to prepare and plan to hunker down here unless things look dramatically worse as it approaches. I would appreciate your prayers for us and for the whole region - there are plenty of folks east of here who really don't need anymore weather grief! By the way, our kiddos in Louisiana are all doing OK - some have even got power back!

This will likely be my last post for a while...I'll blog again as soon as I'm able. And I will take photos you can be sure....hopefully they will just be of cloudy skies with a rainbow!!


Meanwhile, for a bit of good news, check out this link which should take you to Universal Design's new supplemental catalog for September. I just completed a bunch of new illustrations for them and they are featured throughout the catalog (along with other artists)...and my little teapot/muffin design made it on the catalog cover!!

©BeckySchultea, published by Universal Designs Inc, DeLand , FL - All rights reserved

What's extra special about this batch of illustration work is that all of the pieces are integrated into small collections, which have a lot more visibility than the one-off designs I had done previously that were mixed in randomly in large displays. Here's an example or two - my art is marked with arrows (they even used my itty-bitty flowers to decorate the page!)...

©BeckySchultea, published by Universal Designs Inc, DeLand , FL - All rights reserved

©BeckySchultea, published by Universal Designs Inc, DeLand , FL - All rights reserved

©BeckySchultea, published by Universal Designs Inc, DeLand , FL - All rights reserved

All of this illustration work was a direct result of sending the Universal art director a copy of my calendar. She adapted several of the calendar designs to her products - I really had very little drawing I had to do...there was some, but not too much. It was so fun - and best of all, I have an open invitation to submit artwork throughout the year for all their seasonal and general releases, so I'm hoping to do even more with this fine company in the near future!! Thank You Lord for the opportunity to spread Your Word in such a sweet and unique way!!!


Well, gotta go and start securing all the loose stuff around the house - thanks again for your prayers!!!

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