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Remembering Ike

This is the backyard of our former home in Houston one year ago today when Hurricane Ike hit Galveston and Houston...and we had it good comparatively. The first two photos show the destruction by a fallen tree of a playhouse that came with the house when I bought it...I always intended to turn the p…

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The Hurricane Ike Chronicles: The Aftermath

Hi Y'all - I know I am terribly late in getting this update and photos out to you, but I have been doing a lot more illustration work like this over the past couple of weeks and had deadlines to meet - so that's why the delay. (I haven't even done much blog-visiting or any commenting lately...so so…

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The Hurricane Ike Chronicles: The Evacuation

Well folks, so sorry it has taken me this long to get back to the blog. We are doing just fine! Power was restored at our house last Thursday, but I missed an entire week of work at my real job, plus we've had tons of post-Ike clean-up, and the closing of the shop (whole separate post coming on tha…

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Coffee Shop Connection (Ike Aftermath Update)

Hi friends

Just a really quick check in to say hi and let you know we are OK. We are back home, and our home is still without power, but tonight, we found a coffee shop in town that has power and a wireless connection, so we are soaking in the glory of hot coffee, air conditioning, and the Internet!

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We're Hangin' In (Ike Update)

Hello friends!

I'm reporting from a safe, secure spot at a nearby University where my brother is a coach -we decided to flee here yesterday morning and we are VERY GLAD we did. We are very blessed to be able to shelter in the athletic facilities here (showers, bathrooms, towels, etc) - we have an ind…

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We're nervous about this one...(and some good news too!)

Wind Forecast: Hurricane Ike
(The circles represent where we live and where most of our friends and family live)

Well friends, this hurricane has everyone around here in Houston and the surrounding area very nervous. Here's a quote from our local weather forecaster's blog, highlighting what we might …

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