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Way Back When-sday - Easter Memories!

I decided to bring back a blog feature that used to be so much fun - Way Back When-sday! That's where I take a particular year or even an era or a day from my past and post about it on Wednesday along with photos and images from that time. Since today is my Birthday, I thought it would be the perfec…

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Way Back When-sday: 1979 - My Senior Year

1979 - My Senior Year
Today is the perfect day to reminisce about 1979, my Senior year of High School, because this coming Saturday night we will be attending my 30 year High School Reunion!!

Wow, has it really been 30 years...?? I'm afraid so. I've had some mixed emotions about attending this reunio…

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Way Back When-sday: Easters Past

Hello Friends, and welcome to a special edition of Way Back When-sday: Easters Past! I have SUCH fond memories of Easter...dressing up for church, the always over-stuffed Easter basket, dyeing Easter eggs, Easter egg hunts, and of course, chocolate bunnies! But Easter, or Resurrection Sunday as I p…

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Way Back When-sday: Birthdays and Celebrations!

I want to welcome you all back to Way Back When-sday! This week we are focusing on Birthdays and Celebrations...cuz this week (Friday to be exact) is my 48th Birthday. Wow...how did THAT happen? Saying that time flies is an understatement...more like time travels at warp speed. Oh well...
The followi…

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Way Back When-sday: 1978


The night air was cold, humid. It was going to be perfect duck hunting weather. My dad, 40 at the time, my little brother, 9, and a black Labrador named Sugar were heading down the bayou in the bass boat at 8:30 pm on November the 10th, 1978 - heading for the hunting camp. My older brother and …

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Way Back When-sday: 2005 (and other stuff)


Well, welcome back to Way Back When-sday!! Well, it was Way Back in April I think when I did this feature the last time - goodness gracious, what a slacker!! Well, the reason I chose the year 2005 is that it was a complex mix of beginnings and endings. It is the year I started this great adventu…

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We interrupt Way Back When-sday to bring you this special message...

Hi friends,

I am loving creating the Way Back When-sday features (it has been so great to read your fun comments as we reminisce together!) - but they take a fair amount of time to do right (time is not a commodity I have in buckets) - so I am going to do them twice a month rather than weekly. That …

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Way Back When-sday: One Week Break

Just a quick note to say that I will return to Way Back When-sday next week (we'll jump back to 1997 !!) - with all the trauma of hubby's injury and lots going on on top of that, we just need a little break to rejuvenate for a day or two. Thanks much - I'll see you all soon!!

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Way Back When-sday: 2001


Hard to believe it has already been seven years since 2001 - wow!!! In historical terms, it was a monumental year with 9-11 and its aftermath, but I prefer to focus on the everyday matters of that year...and the personal milestones and minutia which marked the year so vividly for me.

First off, …

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Illustration Friday: Homage & Way Back When-sday: 1977

Homage to Holly Hobbie

Hi friends - This will be a multi-purpose post today. This week's Illustration Friday topic is "Homage", so, I recycled an illustration I did for IF in 2006 for the topic "Simple". I did the illustration as an homage to the Holly Hobbie style of illustration, and used a quote f…

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Way Back When-sday (Birthday Thursday): 1961


Becky is Born - 3/27/61
This will be a really short post since sweet hubby had orthopedic surgery today and we are laying low, taking it easy. The surgery went really well and Johnny is home resting comfortably. He may have to spend some time working with a occupational therapist to get that f…

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Way Back When-sday: 1995

(The 2nd Wackiest Year of My Life)

Well, I can't believe it's Wednesday again already! This week, we go 13 years back to 1995 - the year of wild extremes for me in almost every way...but mostly professionally...

I started off the year not working (first year I didn't work since I was 15) - I had …

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Way Back When-sday: 1981


Welcome to this week's installment of Way Back When-sday!! (yep, I got a little punny with the name and made a little banner to make it seem like it's a really big deal that thousands of people read and participate in...ya).

Wow - 1981 - I was a mere 20 years old... I had just moved with my enti…

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Way Back Wednesday (umm, Thursday) - 1992

On the surface that doesn't sound that "way back", but, wow, it was 16 years ago!! - my, time just flies, huh?

These little puffy peeps are part of a silk-screened t-shirt design I did when I was working at the The Gift Solution, a gift and hand-painted clothing boutique in Austin, Texas. It was…

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Way Back Wednesday - Back Next Week

Hello friends!

Well, I just got this little Way Back Wednesday feature started last week, but will have to pick it up again next week because we are on our way out of town - a road trip to Canton!!! Hubby and I and sweet little Maddie are heading up the road to "First Monday Trade Days" in Canton T…

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Way Back Wednesday - 1973

Welcome to the first installment of what I hope will be a weekly feature at Just Bee 'n Me: Way Back Wednesday! Each Wednesday I will travel in the way-back machine to a particular year from my past and share some personal memorabilia, photos, artwork, and anything else that might be half-way inter…

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