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No Foolin' - It's Already April!

I am a terrible liar, therefore I am lousy at trying to pull off April Fools jokes or anything like that, so this will just be a quick hello to all of you on this first day of April 2009! I hope the first quarter of the year was a good one for you (yes, no joke, a quarter of the year is *poof*...gone) I hope you can "laugh at the days to come" as the Scripture says...firm in the belief that God is in control and knows what He is doing! The last three months have certainly been eventful here what with the remodel and the move and all. I'm hoping to really settle more into the illustration business now that so much of the busy work and heavy lifting is behind us...


Meanwhile, here is a preview of what's coming up in the 2nd quarter of 2009 for me and Just Bee 'n Me (sorry to keep using the term 'quarter'...it's a throwback from my corporate days):

I will resume "Way Back When-sday" next week (Wednesday, April 8th) with a tribute to Easters past. Lallee and I hope that with a week's advance notice of the theme, perhaps some of you will be able to play along!! All you have to do is reminisce about the Easter holidays from your past...or your Mom's past, or whatever, on your blog, and maybe share a relevant photo or two or more from the past, and I will provide a Mr. Linky thingy for you to share your post with all of us. Come on...it'll be fun! I'd really love to hear about your traditions, funny stories, Easter bonnets, how you eat a chocolate bunny, etc!! Feel free to grab the Way Back When-sday banner above and play along!!


I am *SO* excited to be bringing back Tea for Two-sday starting on Tuesday, April 14th! I love matching up a couple of sweet, creative souls who may otherwise never meet, and inviting them over for tea at Just Bee 'n Me! You never know who I'll pair up next...it just may be *you* and *you*!!

I can guarantee there will be a steady stream of quick (and cheap) decorating ideas and makeovers to share as we continue to make our mobile home into a cozy cottage nest. Wherever possible I will be including step by step instructions and photos for projects that you might want to try! I will also keep you up to date on the steps I am following as I pursue my dream job as a freelance illustrator...
I have a 30th High School Reunion, a trip to Colorado, my brothers' 40th and 50th birthdays, and many more fun happenings in the coming weeks and months, so LOTS of photos will be forthcoming!
I sure hope you'll stop by and share my joys and challenges, my faith and family, my friends and fun...it means the world to me when you come by for a visit, hang out a while, and leave a comment - bless you!!

"She is clothed with strength and dignity, she can laugh at the days to come."
Proverbs 31:25

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