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The Princess Principles

Hello Friends!
Well, I persevered through the technical difficulties I mentioned yesterday and I am so happy to *finally* share something with you that I have been wanting to do for FOREVER - this is what I'm calling an "e-Devotional" for women based on an article/devotional that I wrote several years ago when I led a women's ministry in Colorado. It's called "The Princess Principles". The premise of the devotional (based completely on Scripture) is that believers (our Sisters in Christ specifically) are indeed Daughters of the King, and thereby Princesses. It touches on my own personal struggle with that concept, then goes on to present four timeless principles that support, define and direct us in our role as Daughters of the King. It is NOT heavy-duty reading...I am NOT a theologian by any means...I'm just sharing from my heart what I feel the Lord has taught me in this area.

I had a great time putting it together - but I am definitely still learning about all the technical aspects of making a PowerPoint into a video, putting the video on YouTube, etc. I timed the slides to hopefully not go too fast or too slow, but either way, you can use the pause button to stop it and the progress bar to speed it up. There is no music to go along with it...I found music to be fairly distracting while reading it, so I opted to leave music out of it this time. If you'd like to see it in full screen mode, you can click the next to the last icon on the bottom of the video screen.
I hope you'll take a moment to read it if you have the chance, and I would love to get some feedback through comments if you have anything to share about it. Mostly I pray it is a blessing to someone who, like me, has perhaps struggled with the concept of being a beloved daughter of the King...

Have a great weekend y'all - see you when we return from our little 24 hour getaway!!


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