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The Cookbooks are Available to Order!!

Wanna Order a Cookbook??!!

Photo, courtesy of the wonderful Miss Holly at Crown Laid Down
(she's the genius behind the cookbook project!!)

Hi friends!

Well, the Siesta Fiesta Cookbooks (the one I won the cover art contest for) are ready and are being printed and Holly is taking orders!!! You can click HERE or on the cookbook image at the top of my sidebar to send her an email order form. They are priced at $18 plus $6 shipping (shipping will be more for more than 2 cookbooks). This cookbook is a whopping 338 pages (97 pages of desserts alone!) It is also graced with photos and imagery, as well as sayings and anecdotes from the Siestas who provided the hundreds of recipes (click here to see some photos of the interior)!

Best of all, ALL of the proceeds of the cookbook sales go to building water wells through Life Outreach International in honor of Beth Moore and the Living Proof Ministries staff! You may recall that earlier I had stated the cookbooks would be $13.50, but since then there was an issue with the printer that made the base cost go up. Holly was determined that there still be $5 from each sale go to the well ministry, thus the price increase - I was more than OK with spending more per copy...it's quite a cookbook!

Hey, if you'd like to spread the word on your blog about this Great Cookbook for a Great Cause, click here for the information!

"Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land."
(Proverbs 25:25)

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