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Studio Update: Hot and Cold

Sneak Peek

Here's a teeny peek at one element of my newest digital scrpabooking/graphics kit that I've been working on this week. If you have a baby girl shower or little girl birthday coming up, you might want to have a look at this kit once it is complete...it's gonna be pretty darn cute if I do say so myself :o) I'll let you know just a soon as it's up in my Digital Boutique. I'm sorry to have been such a blog-slacker of late, but I've been really busy with this project as well as a number of other nagging but boring tasks that just don't make for good blog content....

Meawhile - things are heating up in the studio...

...or should I say they are cooling down....?

The studio finish-out is proceeding at a really good pace now! The electrical is all in and functioning and the air conditioner is running!! That's a biggie, because now, sweet hubby can work all throughout the day, even during the 100 degree temperature. This is helping to move things along much more quickly! Plus, my parents came over yesterday and my Dad was able to help hubby too! We are grateful for the assistance!

At this point in the process, the messiness is at it's highest - but that just means that we are getting oh-so-much closer to the work being completed! There is now officially light at the end of the tunnel!

This is one of the best things we have done to both our 12' x 24' buildings - radiant barrier...

...$75.00 for 500 square feet...money well spent. It is amazing how much cooler it is in the building once this was up...

And to help with both heat and cold, here are the piles of fluffy pink insulation...

...which hubby and Daddy spent the afternoon yesterday stapling up....it's almost complete....

...but alas...this morning we have a glitch elsewhere...an element has gone out in our water heater in the mobile home, and instead of going full steam ahead with the rest of the insulation in the studio, hubby is making yet another trip to Home Depot, but this time for the needed water heater parts and he will spend time the rest of the morning fixing that - ugh! Will the poor guy ever catch a break...?

Well, once the insulation is up, we are ready with paneling for the walls.... "Paneling?" you say - "yucky brown paneling???" Yes paneling, and I'll tell you why...

...we put sheetrock up in the other storage building, but had no need to tape, float. texturize and paint it....so it went up quickly and we were done...but if we were to use sheetrock in the studio, we would have had to do all those time-consuming steps, and we just didn't want to add any more steps to this proces than necessary. We were so pleased with how easy it was to paint the paneling in the mobile home that we decided to just put up cheap, plain paneling and paint it...it will be much quicker...plus I kinda like the cottagey look of painted paneling (this is how it looks in our living room...)

So...the next steps for completing the studio are:

  1. Finish insultaion (this afternoon...hopefully)

  2. Install paneling (begin this Saturday)

  3. Paint paneling (MAYBE this Sunday)

  4. Install and paint ceiling (next week on hubby's off days)

  5. Put down laminate tile and baseboards (this will probably happen next week or next)

  6. Move in and decorate!!!!

  7. Start creating!!!

  8. It's getting close folks!!! I am hopeful that by the end of August I will be able to begin working out there...if all goes well...Lord willing...


    "My times are in your hands..." Psalm 31:15

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