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Sneak Peek: New Series

Hello folks!! I wanted to take a quick break from my virtual drawing board and give you a sneak peek at my latest design project. I am creating a new collection of vintage cottage-themed illustrations that will be part of the work I will be bringing to the Craft & Hobby Association 2012 Winter Conference in January! Did I previously mention that I am going to exhibit at that show? Anyways, I am (in the Licensing and Design section), and I am so excited/nervous/crazy about it all. But I always feel good when I get into the groove with a new set of designs, because then the work flows much more freely. Now that I have this design done, the others in the series should roll out a bit quicker because I have figured out all the basic layout questions, style decisions, color palettes, themes, etc...

But, there is SO much more to do than just design new work and revamp existing work - there are press kits to design and prepare, a booth to design and create, marketing materials to finalize and print, and the list goes on and on...mercy!!

I'll be sharing more and more about my preparations for the show as I go along. Since this is my first time to exhibit, I hope to be able to take my experiences and help future new exhibitors to avoid the mistakes I am sure to make and to be encouraged by the wonderful things I am sure to see and learn. I hope you'll follow along the journey with me!

We'll talk again soon! Have a fabulous day and a fun weekend upcoming! HUGS y'all!

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