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"Rainy days and Mondays....

...always get me down."  Or so the old Carpenter's song goes. That's not usually the case with me - Mondays are fine, rainy days are OK, and a Monday that happens to be rainy may be annoying, but not depressing. However, THIS rainy Monday, as I sit here at home, recovering from a bad cold, and having just returned from a Christmas trip to Louisiana where it rained the entire time, may just be getting me a little down after all...

Don't get me wrong...it was a wonderful trip. All the kids and grands and the new sweet great-grand were there and we had a really fun time exchanging presents and eating gumbo. Even the 6 hour drive home wasn't too terrible. But to get up this morning, knowing how much there is to do this week, and seeing a wet, chilly, gray blanket of misty-fog covering everything, and still feeling a bit stuffy-headed from my cold just took the stuffin' out of me. I could do a hundred things, but don't feel like doing anything. So, I think that's just what I'm going to do today...nothing. It is really hard for me to do nothing...it's not relaxing like you think it might be...it's guilt-inducing and makes me antsy. But I'm going to give it a go. Doing this blog-post is the only thing I'm letting myself do. I need to rest so that I'll be 100% for the rest of the week. So after I post this I'm heading for the recliner to find some Christmas movies and old re-runs to watch. I'll have a bit of soup for lunch and maybe some hot chocolate later on...

And maybe, just maybe I'll sneak in some blog-reading/commenting before the day is through...I've been so out of touch with all of you at your blogs for such a long time, and I am longing to see what all you're up to during this most special Christmas season...  Visiting with you and your visits here are a very special and inspirational part of my life and I want to keep that up as much as possible. You always make me smile or think or LOL or weep or dream or wonder in amazement....and I am the richer for it.

Please feel free to help yourself to this little bookmark image if you'd like...it says what I'd like to say to all of you today...."thanks so much for being there when life gets a little unbearable". I love you guys and I cherish our friendship so much! Thank you!

I'll have new photos from the updated space at the shop and an exciting announcement to share in the next couple of days, so I hope you'll stop back by soon!!

Love and HUGS to you all!!

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