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Outta Town, Outta Time!

Hi guys,

Ack - so sorry it has been so long between posts, but this has been the craziest of all Decembers for me. All is well, but there are just a few too many things going on at once for my little brain to function well. And now, we are about to head to Louisiana for 4 days to attend Hubby's daughter's college graduation (yay!!) and see all the kiddos and grandkiddos for Christmas (yay!!), so I just HAD to take at least a minute or two to check in and let you know I was alive and well (pretty much).

To my sweet Siesta Ornament Exchange partner Connie, I issue a public apology for still not posting the photos of the lovely ornaments and yummy goodies she sent me...she posted about mine days and days ago - sorry Connie. Posting them before Christmas is my new goal..we'll see!

I will definitely be back before Christmas to fill you in on some of the behind the scenes happenings that have kept me so crazy...as well as photos from the Louisiana trip!!

I miss you all, and hope that your Christmas Season has been a bright and peaceful one so far!!

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