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Looking Forward - Looking Back

I think I've settled on a new banner for my illustration site. (click image to see a larger version). I have much more to do to get my site updated (I haven't even added this banner to it yet) but, at least I'm making a little bit of progress.

One thing that I'm excited to see after 5 months of blogging and participation in Illustration Friday, is the number of new designs I have for my portfolio. I printed out all my Illustration Friday entries since June and counted up 20 entries - 18 of which were brand new pieces. That was just what I hoped would happen when I started this. IF gives me the motivation to create on a regular basis, and that's just what I needed. Hopefully I won't always need IF to motivate me - but for my situation, working full time in a demanding non-artistic environment, it's just the push I need after hours to head to the computer or the drawing table and create.

Here are a few of my personal favorites from the past 5 months:
  • My first IF entry is still one of my favorites - "Black & White" was the theme. I illustrated a black and white coloring book longing to be colored.
  • Hardest IF entry had to be for "Heroes" - I chose to do a tribute to teachers and it was ambitious - took me forever - but I love it.
  • Most commented on - that would be the painting I did in Painter 9 of the moon rising over a lake for "Reflection". It was fun to do something in a realistic style for a change.
  • Most fun to draw - that would be the one I did for "Wisdom" - it was right up my alley - all my favorite things rolled up into one picture celebrating the awesome creative genius of God.
  • Favorite "cut-out" style - I've been developing this cut-out style for a while now, but I had always used it for small little items like icons for my illustration page, etc - but during these past few months I've been using it for entire illustrations and I'm loving it. My current favorite cut-out is the one I did for "Float" of a mouse using a fall leaf as a sort of parachute. He was very fun and quick to do - which was nice. All my cut out design are done using Painter 9.

So, next steps are to add several pieces to my online portfolio from this new work I've done, and to overhaul the illustration site to better reflect my evolving style. And beyond that - who knows...? I still hope to be able to make a living as an illustrator/licensed artist some day and I'm excited about making slow but steady progress toward that goal. Meanwhile - I'll keep waking up on Friday and heading to my computer for the latest Illustration Friday topic - and in 5 more months I'll have 20 more new pieces to show for it. Not a bad plan.

Thanks for looking forward and looking back with me!

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