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Introducing Tea for Two-sday!

Welcome to a new weekly feature at Just Bee 'n Me:

Tea for Two-sday!

Here's what I have in mind and how it all came together... I have been blogging since June of 2005, and in those early days I began adding links primarily to Illustrator's blogs...sweet, talented folks I would meet through Illustration Friday and from the blog lists they had, etc. After the hiatus I took from blogging in early 2007, I began to find new inspiration and sweet new friends while perusing cottage decorating and crafting blogs...and checking out their links as well. So before long, I had quite a lengthy list of "old" and "new" blog buddies from a very wide spectrum of interests, talents, style and locations.

"So", thought I, "why don't I begin making some simple introductions of some of my dear friends from across Blogland who might not otherwise cross paths...?" Thus the birth of Tea for Two-sday, where I will weekly (Lord willing) introduce 2 of my blog buddies to each other and to you as well! I love community and connectedness, and I hope this will encourage that, at least to some degree. And hey, one can never have too many blog buddies, right?

For this week, the inaugural week of Tea for Two-sday, it is my great pleasure to introduce Dawn at The Feathered Nest to Geninne at Geninne's Art Blog!
Dawn is a wonderful collage/assemblage artist and seamstress who creates a whimsical world of nostalgia with rich textures and beautiful, sweet imagery. Her work has been featured in some of the Somerset publications including Somerset Life and Somerset Studio. Be sure and check out Dawn's incredible Tutorial Shop, The Little Speckled Egg, where she sells beautiful tutorials of her techniques for some of her most sought-after creations. Oh, and don't miss her Etsy Shop - pure, sweet goodness all around!
(Photos courtesy of Dawn Edmonson)

Geninne is one of the first artists I linked to in my early blogging days - I have always been drawn to her incredible sense of color and gentle, sensitive spirit that comes out in every piece of artwork she produces! She is a master watercolorist, typically capturing images from nature (especially birds....goodness, she paints the most gorgeous birds!), but she also makes exquisite stamps, does beautiful stitchery, and a whole host of other creative endeavors! Geninne will often showcase the artwork creations of her two young sons who definitely have a gift like their mother! I hope you'll pay Geninne a visit - she will make you feel most welcome... And you can head over to her her wonderful Etsy shop where she offers prints as well as originals of her lovely work!

(Images/Photos courtesy of Geninne Zlatkis)

So, Dawn and Geninne- please enjoy your Tea for Two from Just Bee 'n Me - it was an honor to feature you both. And to all my friends, please stop by and say hello to Geninne and Dawn - I'm sure they would appreciate the visit! Please stop by again to see who I'll be inviting next for tea - you never know, it may just be YOU!

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