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Hi everybody!  I'm taking an online class this week that has been awesome so far. It's all about creating multiple revenue streams from your art/crafting/creative endeavors, and it has been so inspiring! I am already loaded up with ideas for new art adventures (and revamping existing ones). The course is about so much more than revenue generation though - we have a vibrant, creative, supportive group and and active message board/interaction - the brainstorming and sharing has been wonderful. And Laura Bray, the course developer and leader, and the specialists she lined up to share with us have all been fabulous!!

BTW, I found out about two new-to-me blog sites that I have added to my right sidebar - you might want to check them out and perhaps get added to their directories...


Just more great resources for connecting! 
I'm looking forward to sharing some of my new plans with you after class!! Have a great, creative week!!

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