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Illustration Friday: Roots

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My Southern Roots
(or more precisely, my Southeast Texas Roots)

The horrific events of this past week have me thinking about a lot of things - like my priorities, and how important family and friends are. When I saw that the topic for this week's Illustration Friday was "Roots", I immediately thought of my own roots in the southern Gulf Coast region and the little things that make it so special to me to this day: the beach, big southern hair, good old Tex Mex food, and sweet iced tea.

I was born in Beaumont, Texas (near the southern Louisiana border) to parents whose families hail from Louisiana. I spent all of my school years in Houston, and though we didn't visit Louisiana too often, my family was still deeply steeped in the Cajun culture, at least as far as cuisine was concerned. Gumbo and rice, red beans and rice, anything and rice, were staples in my home. My grandmother had a lovely soft Cajun accent that I can still hear echoing in my mind today. I am thankful for my family, and our traditions, and good food, and plenty of laughter - these were the hallmarks of my modest but wonderful childhood.

Although I make my home in Colorado these days, my roots still go deep into the South of my memory - they will be a part of me forever; they helped shape who I am today. I know my roots are still there because I felt them ache so deeply this week for the places of my childhood, and the people with whom I share a heritage. I am touched by their suffering, and moved by their bravery. May God bless them all!

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