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Hurry up and Wait

I simply can't stand it one more minute! I'm watching the fun Blogland world go by, and I want to jump on!!! Resolutions, room makeovers, new projects, art journaling, swaps, giveaways, oh my!! But I can't..not right now...not just yet...

I keep alluding to my soon coming upheaval, and I can't even really tell you all about it yet...not quite yet...but soon. Please know though that it is exciting, and not a bad thing...and it will be the stuff of numerous posts and photos and such...soon. BUT, in the meantime, SO much is happening, though it doesn't necessarily show on the surface - kinda like a duck in a pond - she looks quiet and peaceful on the surface, but she is furiously paddling underneath. That's how it is with me - a lot of hurry up and wait. Hurry up to do all that needs to be done, and wait to share about it...wait to spend time commenting...wait to participate in all the fun...wait, wait, wait.

I have been furiously working to finish my newest calendar in the midst of it all, and I am oh so close. (why don't I begin these things in January instead of October...? If I had time to write resolutions, that'd be one...) Yes, I realize that January is already about half over, but that still leaves 11 months of designs to enjoy (I hope), so it's not a complete loss. Anyway, if you've come here seeing if I've posted anything new since January 1, you've looked at the January design several times already - so it's like no biggie if January is almost over when I complete it!

Here' a peek at a few more month's designs - click any image to see the details:

(you'll recognize these characters from a project I did last year)

(he's was part of an Illustration Friday design from way back)

In this calendar, I definitely re-used designs from the past, but repurposed them in a fresh new way with the cut-out look and lots of scrapbook-style elements. I'm truly enjoying this work...it's a happy calendar...it makes me smile... I hope this little peek makes you smile too... :o)

Oh, and by the way, if I was taking the time to do a retrospective on 2008, highlights would include and Easter day accident and 2 hand surgeries for my sweet hubby, a horrible, tragic hurricane, no Christmas decorations whatsoever, and a powerful bout of stomach flu that hit 8 out of 12 of us at our Christmas getaway at the lake cabin (that's why I never posted photos of the cabin, etc - we're all still trying to forget it)... Though a tough year in some ways, it was still a very blessed year of marriage to my sweetie, a loving year with my family and friends, and a time of real progress in my art licensing - not to mention, an awesome year in the Lord, which really makes everything OK....

I hope to visit and comment and share more soon - as I've said so very many times since I started this blog - thanks so much for your patience!! I love y'all...

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