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Hurry - Last Chance for Giveaway!!

Just a quick, friendly reminder for you sweet folks to hurry over to my post below for one last chance to win my first ever "Happy New Year Giveaway!" which includes a copy of my 2008 Scripture Calendar. (Deadline is 10:00 pm CST tonight, the 8th) I want to thank all the wonderful people that have signed up so far, many of whom this is our first opportunity to meet - (I just love making new friends!) Please bear with me as I try my best to personally come by your place and say hi over the next day or so... And a special thanks also to those of you who have added a link to this giveaway to their blogs - I really appreciate that!!!
I just love the warm, friendly, smart, funny, sweet folks out here in Blogland - how wonderful that we can connect and share in such a special way - all around the world. Tres Cool...

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