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Hey May!

Goodness gracious - the entire month of April zoomed past me without me putting so much as a sentence here on the old blog - what a slacker! Well, I just had to flip the calendar so to speak and greet you and the month of May and let you know I'm still here...

Thanks for still being my friend despite my slacker ways!

I've actually done quite a few updates on my Just Bee 'n Me page on Facebook...c'mon over and see me there if you want a few more updates than once a month. And yes, I will surely try to post more here too. I just completed a large body of artwork that I submitted to a company for possible licensing today, and with that complete, I now have a bit more time for some upcoming DIY decorating projects that I can't wait to share with you... Thanks for understanding!

Gotta run and work a private party at the painting studio tonight - but it sure was good to take a moment to say hey. Have a lovely weekend my dear friends...

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