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Hey, it's May!

Just a quick hello to greet the month of May, 2009! Goodness gracious...2009 is almost half over! But what a year it's been so far!

The image above is the design for May from my 2009 Wisdom & Whimsy calendar...it was also the image I chose for the cover...I guess because it's about the most season-neutral of all the illustrations. Anyway, the image below is one I did with pen & ink, watercolor, and colored pencil several years ago...I did the current Calendar image as a digital makeover of the original design, with a few changes, including a different Scripture...just thought I'd put them out side by for comparison. There are things I like better about natural media and things I like better about digital, but the one thing you can't escape in either medium is composition. It'll make or break a design...

We have company coming today - our dear, dear friends, Connie and Buddy!! (We always stay at their gorgeous home on our way to Louisiana to see the kids) They are heading to this part of the Houston area to pick up a sweet new puppy (see below!), so they are spending the day with us...we're so excited!! It's always tons of fun when the four of us get together! And I'm sure Miss Maddie will have fun meeting this sweet little guy...
Hope your weekend is filled with family, friends, fun, and God's faithfulness!! Happy May everyone!!


"Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning."
Lamentations 3:23

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