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Cherry Pickin'!

Don't hate me...Garage Sale this morning - CUTE Kate Spade Cherry Purse - 50 cents!
(you can click the Kate Spade link above to see how expensive her handbags are!)
I haven't been pickin' in earnest for quite a while now. After our last flea market show at Winnie in November and the wedding I styled in December, there's been precious little reason (or opportunity because of the cold weather) to go to garage sales. But reason goes right out the window when dayglo orange and green signs pop up on street corners everywhere like so many dandelions in Spring, beckoning you with words like "GIGANTIC Moving Sale!", "HUGE Multi-Family Yard Sale", or the heart-stopping "Estate Sale"!. What's a junk-loving girl to do?

Actually today was a lousy pickin' day overall, but this one little .50 gem saved the day from being a total loss. And isn't that why we keep our eyes peeled for those crazy signs in the first place, and go to garage sales when we have no business going?...because of the HOPE that there may be a hidden treasure in a fifty cent junk box...?

Well, the cherry purse got me to thinking about other fun cherry stuff, so I thought I'd top off the post with a few cherry images to sweeten your day...

Birdie illustration based on Kathy's sweet stuffed birdie-in-a-teacup...

Thanks for stopping by friends - BIG Texas HUGS to all of you, and...
Happy Weekend...with a cherry on top!!

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