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Calendar Sneak Peek: June - and Several Updates

Finally, I'm done with June!! Here's just a mini-sample of it...

Oh my, I can pretty much guarantee that August will not be this detailed - this one took a while. But, I'm happy with it... It is after all, a scene that so many of us love - a good old junk/resale/antique store setting... Ahhh - I'd like to be there right about now digging around for a bargain - or a piece that really calls to me and says "take me home"...

So, what is all this,you may ask..? Well, for those of you just tuning in and wanting to know more - I have been steadily working to produce a 12 month calendar of my original designs for the past month or so and I'm coming down to the wire. I'm planning to have it all complete and ready to order in my CafePress store sometime during the week next week (week of the 17th). I will be charging $19.99 for it. I am doing everything I can to finish it in that time frame - so that it can still be ordered for last minute Christmas gift-giving - but the fall-back plan is to definitely have it done the last week of the year in time for using it by January 1. I hope that is OK with you guys that have been asking me about it...

When the calendar is all complete, you will be able to see all the pages in full on the CafePress site - meanwhile, I'll continue posting teasers as I complete them... Your support and interest in this project have been a delight to me and a real source of inspiration!! Thank you SO MUCH!!


In other news, I am THRILLED to report to you (albeit belatedly) that I was the winner of a recent give-away over at sweet, hilarious Esther Sunday's place!! I am so overwhelmed - I've won several giveaway's lately, and I'm one that NEVER win's such things...oh well - I can't say that any more... Anyway, thank you Esther for this OH SO CUTE Santa that you lovingly made yourself - and for the Starbucks gift card that I will most assuredly spend before the week is out!! Many thanks - you are so darn sweet - congratulations again on your 50th post!!!!


You won't want to miss the virtual Holiday Home Tour happening next week over at Tracey's place (Notes From a Cottage Industry). I love Tracey and her yummy blog - it oh SO INSPIRATIONAL to me - just the epitomy of what blogging beauty, gentle encouragement, and creative expression are all about! Here's the banner ad she created for the event:
I encourage you to head over there and see the details....Should be a blast!


Finally, sweet hubby and I are hopping into the car this afternoon after work and heading to Lousisana to share Christmas with his kids and grandkids this weekend - Yeah!!!!!! There's nothing quite like Christmas with kids!! Having never had my own children, I am SO EXCITED to be sharing this first Christmas with all of them - I can't wait!! I'll have lots of photos to share I'm sure. I still have photos from this past weekend (my extended family's Christmas party) that I want to share too - and I will...hopefully by Sunday when I return.... It's a busy, busy time of year for all of us - I pray that you (and I) will take time to really drink it all in - the laughter, the music, the sights, sounds, aromas....but most of all, that not a day would go by when we don't pause in awe and wonder at the Reason for it ALL - Jesus - the real reason for the season!! May He bless you in all your coming and going in these last days of the year....and may He remain the center of it all in our hearts and homes!!

See you Sunday!

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