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Calendar Sneak Peek: August

Time for another mini-sample from my upcoming 2008 Calendar - this is from August. I'm going to make this post short and sweet because I have lots going on, but I wanted you to have a little taste...

The last day to purchase items from CafePress in time for Christmas is tomorrow, so I am officially NOT going to be able to finish the Calendar in time for Christmas delivery :o( BUT, I will have it ready in plenty of time for January 1. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause anyone... Meanwhile there are still lots of cuties available at my CafePress store that WILL be able to reach you or your loved ones by Monday if you hurry...

Please be sure, if you haven't already, to check out the Merry-Making Christmas Gift Guide for other last-minute gift goodies filled with homemade goodness.

More Glad Tidings Coming Up:

  • Tracey's Virtual Holiday Home Tour (Wed. December 19th) - I'll be sharing photos from our cozy cottage

  • Calendar Sneak Peek: November (hopefully Wed. December 19th)

  • PHOTOS from Christmas Parties/Get-togethers including CUTE new photos of Baby Hope! (tonight!!)

  • "8 Things" MeMe that Becky tagged me for (Friday, December 21)

  • My virtual Christmas Greeting for all of you (Christmas Eve)

  • My New Year's Day Giveaway (which will include a Calendar as part of the grand prize!!)
  • Take care out there friends - and ENJOY this magical, glorious season!! See you real soon!

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