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Bunny Slippers for your Soul

Howdy strangers! So sorry to have been AWAL on the blog, but I simply cannot blog and chew gum at the same time  :o) I have been working on my latest clipart kit (the bunny slippers are part of the kit), and I've been extra busy at the antique shop, so blogging has been a bit scarce. But as always, I miss you guys too much to stay away from here or your places for too very long without at least saying hello...

So please consider this a very warm hello - like "bunny slippers for your soul" from me to you! I hope you are cozy, warm, dry and safe. Our friends in Haiti, however, are far from it - they are suffering and my heart breaks anew each day as I see more and more of the devastation. I pray they can reach out through the rubble and the brokenness to God and His promises and cling to them with all their might...

"My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life."
Psalms 119:50

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