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Another Week Gone: The Recap

Hey y'all! Another week has flown by and I haven't stopped to blog about all that's going on. It's late, so I'll boil my recap down to bullet points:
  • My mother-in-law fell and fractured her pelvis and hip this past Sunday the 8th (Mother's Day, bless her heart). She had surgery and is doing remarkable well...already doing minimal walking on her own, praise the Lord!!
(Johnny and his Mom from Easter 2008)
  • Got word from Universal Designs Inc. who license designs from me, that they are licensing 2 seasonal collections of mine for 2012! I am so excited - I love their seasonal products and matching displays!
  • After 2 days of being at the hospital with my Mother-in-law, I returned to my computer to prepare all the files for Universal and make a few other requested designs. All done now, whew! It feels good to have it all finished!
  • Worked to create a new art site (made one on Blogger that's easy to update with new designs). Sent out numerous licensing inquiries/links to art directors through email and regular mail in hopes of landing more licensing gigs!
  • We FINALLY got rain!!! I know for many of you, you can't think of anything you'd like having less than more rain, but we have been (still are) in severe drought, so the soaking we got yesterday was a welcome delight!
  • If you haven't tried Pinterest, you gotta try it!!  If you love clipping beautiful images from a magazine and pinning them to an inspiration board or collecting them in a notebook, then you'll love Pinterest - the digital way to "pin" photos to your own virtual inspiration boards! Caution - it's highly addictive!
OK, that's my quick update - sorry for being out of pocket for so long. I really appreciate your understanding...

Enjoy the wonderful weekend that the Lord has handcrafted for you!!

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