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A Pinterest Flea Market

Happy Friday friends! I thought it would be fun to do a little Pinterest "shopping" today and share some of my fun "finds"! Since I don't do too much garage saling these days, this helps a bit to get my junk "fix"...

CUTE pink Pyrex

Awesome vintage tablecloths!

Gorgeous china plates!

LOVE vintage buttons...but ones one cards are even better!

Really, can you ever have too many vintage hankies?

Can't pass up doilies - hopelessly addicted!

A glorious tangled pile of lace and trims - one of my favorite things to do when I get a pile of lace like this at a garage sale or flea market is to slowly go through the whole pile and wind each separate trim onto a card or just pin it into a loop...very relaxing...

OK, the back of my Jeep is full, so I'd better head home...thanks for Pinterest-junking with me today! C'mon and follow the fun with me over at Pinterest!!

Have a great weekend friends!!

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