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50 by Fifty, Fair, Frogs, and Freedom

Hello friends! Fair warning...this post is going to be very "stream-of-consciousness".

You may have noticed that I have not done a 50 by Fifty post in a while. Well, that's because I haven't been following my 50 by Fifty plan for a while. From mid May to mid June is perhaps the busiest time in mine and John's year...Mother's Day, 5 family birthdays, a trip to Louisiana, Father's Day, and our anniversary. No excuses here, just providing a bit of context. I have not done too badly even without counting points, but in order to move forward, I simply must regroup and restart the plan...which is exactly what I am doing. I want to keep going - I can still do this - I don't have to let the "one-step-forward-two-steps-back" default mode rule my journey, as it has so many times in the past. I can look back on similar weight loss episodes in my life and see how they tend to fall apart around the 12th week or so. But I don't have to continue that trend....and I won't. SO, I'll adjust the graph at the top of the page tomorrow morning to reflect my "two-steps-back", and look forward with hope and renewed resolve to many more steps forward...

It's been just about a year since I launched my Just Bee 'n Me Digital Boutique at Aimee Asher. I started out pretty strong and produced six seasonal clipart collections, but I hit a wall after January and haven't produced a new kit since. Rather than list more excuses, I will simply say that it is summer time again, I have a lot of new visitors, so I think it's worth revisiting my early kits which have a summer-time theme...

County Fair Fun was my first kit, and it is brimming with County Fair cuteness! If you're not familiar with how digital clipart kits work, you simply buy the kit in my shop, download the zip file, and then you have access to all the images you see above to print out and use in your own personal projects, whether they be scrapbooks or cards or whatever! (see the Aimee Asher Angel Policy for complete image useage guidelines)

FROGS is another summery kit that provides a lot of fun elements for your creative projects...

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