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50 by Fifty: Busy Days

Yep, it's been a busy week to be sure...I blew right past 50 by Fifty "Friday", although, I am happy to report that I am back on track and have lost 2 more pounds this past week for a total of 9.1 pounds in 8 weeks! All I can attribute the loss to is simply sticking with writing down what I eat and staying within my points...period. I have not done an appreciable amount of exercise and I could still make better food choices, but overall I am happy to say that I can see some good habits slowly taking the place of bad habits, and in the long run, that is precisely what I need to happen...  

The reason it's been a busy week is primarily because I've been pretty single-mindedly focused on a project and I have not made time for much else besides some family time that was much needed. (I WILL share photos of the crawfish boil SOON...it was so fun!) I'm excited to share that the project I am working on is a brand new calendar for 2011!! It is all starting to click now as the concept finally came together and the sketches are more refined and focused...and typically, once I have that in place, I just put my head down and draw...which is precisely what I've been doing. I promise I will tell you more about it soon, and share sneak previews of it as I go, but for now I will simply provide a one word clue:  'Bunnies'! Lord willing, it is really going to be a fun, sweet, encouraging calendar...one that celebrates friendship and creativity...  If my blog postings become even a bit more sparse than normal, you'll know that it's likely because I'm drawing a bunny or bunny "accessories"  :o) 

But today is a workday at the shop, and tonight is the Dancing with the Stars finale, so the bunnies will have to wait until tomorrow...

Oh and if you're wondering "why bunnies?", here's a glimpse at just a few of the bunnies in my world...

I definitely have a thing for bunnies....they've been demanding their own calendar for a while now! :o)

I look forward to catching up will all of you soon and seeing what you're up to...until then, happy Monday and a blessed week to you all!!

"Mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance."
Jude 2

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