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Blog posts July 2011

Savor the Summer!

It's the weekend - what'cha got planned?
Will you play in the water, 
or play in the sand...?
Or lie in meadow, gazing at the sky
pretending you're a butterfly, flying up high...?

Will you open a paint box
and make a glorious mess...?
Or color outside the lines
without one ounce of stress...?

Will you scale…

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In Class

Hi everybody!  I'm taking an online class this week that has been awesome so far. It's all about creating multiple revenue streams from your art/crafting/creative endeavors, and it has been so inspiring! I am already loaded up with ideas for new art adventures (and revamping existing ones). The cou…

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A Pinterest Flea Market

Happy Friday friends! I thought it would be fun to do a little Pinterest "shopping" today and share some of my fun "finds"! Since I don't do too much garage saling these days, this helps a bit to get my junk "…

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Land of the Free!

Happy Birthday America, 
land that I love!!

Have a wonderful holiday dear friends and fellow Americans! 
May God continue to bless this wonderful land of ours!

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