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Blog posts August 2009

As if on cue...

Just as the make-ready on the Studio is winding down (photos coming very soon), a great opportunity has presented itself...! I was just wondering (OK, fretting) out loud on this post about not having a clue as to what to do with all of this... ...and this... ...and this... ...and this... .…

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Living Water: Siesta Fiesta Cookbook Update

Hello Friends!
It's been over a year since I participated in the Siesta Fiesta Cookbook Cover Contest, and I thought I would share a little update on what has happened with the cookbook sales since then. What you may not know or recall is that all the proceeds from the sale of the cookbooks (above t…

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The Week in Review

Hello friends!

It has been a busy week around here...sorry for being away for the better part of it. I really needed to get a new digital kit finished for my Digital Boutique, which I just did yesterday - hurray!! It's a little Fall mini clipart kit called "Happy Fall Y'all" featuring a couple of fr…

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The Princess Principles

Hello Friends!
Well, I persevered through the technical difficulties I mentioned yesterday and I am so happy to *finally* share something with you that I have been wanting to do for FOREVER - this is what I'm calling an "e-Devotional" for women based on an article/devotional that I wrote several y…

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Technical Difficulties (CAUTION: Rant Alert)

Ever get the feeling that you are supposed to just unplug and get away from technology for a while...? I'm starting to get that feeling I think. The last few days have been...um....frustrating...

First of all, I cannot get certain image files to behave on what was to be my latest clip art kit for my

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The Power of Music

Hello friends,

Sometimes, there is nothing more powerful than music to reach our hearts...when that music is steeped in the Word and delivered with anointing, it is an incredible tool for ushering us into His Presence, where we can freely pour out our hearts in pain and in joy, in doubt and in resolv…

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Studio Inspiration

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for my Studio
The collage I created above is like a digital inspiration board for the studio - snippets of things I love, colors that speak to me, items I've crafted, images that make me smile. As I've pondered the next steps with the Studio, m…

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