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Blog posts May 2009

31 Days: Day 21 - Happy Birthday Rick!

If you haven't figured it out yet, May is birthday month in our family - both my brothers and my Mom! Two weeks ago we celebrated my younger brother's 40th birthday, five days ago it was my Mom's, 71st and today it's my older brother Rick's 50th birthday! In honor of Rick's big 5-0 milestone I wante…

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31 Days: Day 20 - Junkin' Proverb!

Yep folks - there's even a Proverb for Junkers!! :o)
(from Proverbs 20 - Day 20 of my 31 Day Challenge):

"The shopper says, "That's junk—I'll take it off your hands," then goes off boasting of the bargain."

Proverbs 20:14

...been there...done…

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31 Days: Day 19 - Giving

For Day 19 of my 31 Day Challenge (read a chapter a day in Proverbs and post my favorite verse(s) each day for 31 days) I was drawn to this verse from Proverbs 19, and this sets the entire tone for this post:

"He who is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward him for what he has done."

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31 Days: Day 18 - Illustration Friday: Cracked

(click image to see more detail)
The Illustration Friday topic this week is "Cracked"...and almost instantly I thought of cracked teacups. I love teacups (I think they are lovely little works of art), and just because a teacup may be cracked or chipped, it can still be used for a variety of things -…

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31 Days: Day 17 - Friendship & Happy Birthday Mom!

Day 17 of my 31 Day Challenge brings us to one of my most favorite Proverbs of all - Proverbs 17:17:

"A friend loves at all times..."

I have so much I would like to say about friendship, but time is not on my side at this moment. Suffice to say that I have been abundantly blessed with friendships...…

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31 Days: Day 16 - Metamorphosis Monday!

Hello friends! I am SO EXCITED to be participating in my very first Metamorphosis Monday!! Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch is the gracious, sweet hostess for this weekly makeover event, so please be sure and head over there to see LOTs of other fun, inspiring makeover projects!
For my first …

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31 Days: Day 15 - Sneak Peek at My Week!

Howdy friends! Just wanted to share a quick "Sneak Peek at My Week" to let you in on some of the fun stuff I have coming up!! (I'm still posting every day during the 31 Day Challenge, so there'll be new goodies each & every day!)
1) I'll be participating Monday morning …

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31 Days: Day 14 - It's Late...

Hi guys! We spent the entire morning mowing the property then had to head out of town to my brother's place to celebrate his 40th birthday with him...(he was out of town last week on his actual birthday). We just got home at about 11:00 PM and sweet hubby has to be up at 3:45 AM for work - so, this …

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31 Days: Day 13

You never know what you'll find on YouTube....______________________________I really struggled today with what verse(s) to share, but I found this teeny video of Proverbs 13:9 and kept coming back to it, so I have to trust that this is the verse for today...______________________________I pr…

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31 Days: Day 12 - Thankful Thursday!

Once again I am joining Karla this week for Thankful Thursday! I am so incredibly blessed, it's hard to know where to start... but for this week I'll focus on the awesome opportunity I have now to be free from my former full time job and pursuing my dream of being an illustrator (and a homemaker).

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31 Days: Day 11 - Refreshing

One of my all time favorite Proverbs..."The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed."Proverbs 11:25 ______________________________ Thanks for stopping by for Day 11 of my 31 Day Challenge (I was in Proverbs 11 today) - 20 more days/posts to go...so far…

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31 Days: Day 10 - Illustration Friday: Contagious

Oh what a blessing to catch contagious cheerfulness...or better yet, to be a carrier!!

I had a lot of fun with Illustration Friday's topic this week - "Contagious". I wanted to do something along the line of "contagious joy" or "contagious happiness", then I thought of …

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31 Days: Day 9 - Real Life

Hi guys! I had one too many irons in the fire again today...so sorry! Now I have no time for any commentary or for photos of the giveaway - again... Poor Maddie doesn't understand why Mommy can't quite get it together... :o)

But, here are the most important things anyway, and they don't need anything…

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31 Days: Day 8 - Postponed...

I'm saying this to myself y'all...not to anyone else. Just a reminder to be a better time manager. :o( I'm sorry, but I will have to post about Proverbs Chapter 8 along with Proverbs 9 tomorrow (I did read chapter 8 today though) - and I will include the 31 Day giveaway details too - Lord willing…

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31 Days: Day 7

Today was a super busy day with a college graduation and a graduation dinner...and now it's time for bed (Hubby works Sun - Wed, so it's a work night for him - and we have to get up at 3:45 AM, so we have to turn in as soon as possible...) SO, this will be pretty brief...
Today is Day 7 of the 31 D…

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31 Days: Day 6 - Happy Birthday Dave!

Happy 40th Birthday Dave!
Wow, is it possible that it has already been 40 years since my little brother David was born!? I can hardly believe it! He was such a cute kid...but don't let that fool you. Do you see him in the next picture with his overalls and t-shirt....he looks just like Dennis the Men…

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31 Days: Day 5 - Thankful Thursday

Although it is a bit late in the day, I thought it would still be nice to join Karla for Thankful Thursday and tie it in with my 31 Day Challenge for today!

I have so very much to be thankful for - God has blessed my life in more ways than I can ever adequately express. But I have to say that my be…

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31 Days- Day 4: Bye Danny...

If you're not an American Idol fan, you might not know or care who this is...his name is Danny Gokey and he was my sentimental favorite contestant on Idol. (Adam Lambert, the other top contender and fan favorite, is a kick to watch and is a monster talent, but Danny was still my favorite) Da…

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31 Days - Day 3: Illustration Friday - Parade

"The Barnyard Parade"

I had a variety of images parading around in my mind this week for Illustration Friday's topic "Parade", but ended up choosing some fun parading barnyard critters. No telling why they're in such a festive mood...perhaps the farmer is away for the weekend...?
Anyway, I was happy …

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31 Days - Day 2

Welcome to day 2 of the 31 Day Challenge! Today we're reading Proverbs 2. I chose the following verses from Chapter 2 because they clearly describe the awesome benefits of seeking and attaining wisdom...plus they make it VERY clear Who provides that wisdom - God Himself...

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