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Blog posts August 2007

Headed to N'awlins

Hubby and I are heading out to New Orleans this afternoon and will spend Friday there looking around...should be an interesting trip - 2 years after Katrina so devastated the city. John's 4 daughters and their families all live within an hour or so of New Orleans, so we will be visiting with them th…

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Honeymoon Photos!

And now, as promised, I will share a few of the best photos from our recent Honeymoon in Costa Rica. As with the wedding photos, you can see them ALL here.

Los Angeles Cloud Forest - Villa Blanca Casitas

The lush grounds at Villa Blanca

Colorful handpainted ox-cart - national symbol in Costa Rica
John …

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Illustration Friday: Visitors

This is a bit of a tribute to my Mom and Dad, the most hospitable people I know. From my youngest years I have memories of people always at our home - visiting, eating, hanging out, living temporarily, crashing temporarily, whatever. My parents never had much, but they were incredibly generous with…

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Illustration Friday: Captain

Captain Noahof the S.S. ArkWell, it took me long enough to hit upon this idea - and perhaps it's a stretch, but I love the story of Noah's Ark. It always reminds me that even when things look bleak, God has a plan, He is in control, and He always keeps His promises!

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Make-Over Monday: The Studio

I've decided to kick off a weekly feature on Just Bee 'n Me called Make-Over Monday. I hope to share a make-over project each Monday, complete with before and after photos. The make-over could be large or small, and might involve anything from a room in my house to an older piece of artwork that I r…

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Wedding Photos at Last!

Well, as promised, I am finally getting around to sharing some of my favorite photos from our wedding (I'll do a separate post for the Honeymoon soon)- hope you enjoy!

You can see them all online here at Kodak Easy Share (free, easy login)


The main challenge we faced for deco…

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Illustration Friday: Emergency

Click on image to see it largerFor anyone who has ever faced a ridiculous deadline...._____________________________Truth be told, as a procrastinator, I work best under pressure, and a tight deadline is sometimes just what I need to spur me on. Sad but true...

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Illustration Friday: Missing

(click image to see it larger)
Don't worry about all those missing socks - they're doing just fine...

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